Block controls

To build a new page or add to a page we will need to understand how to add, remove and configure the three types of building blocks. Sections, rows and modules share a number of controls.

To add a section, row or module click the plus (+) icon in blue, green or grey.

Once you have added your section, row or module the icons below will help you to design your page.

From left to right you can take the following actions:

move Move
settings Access the settings
duplicate Duplicate
column structure Column structure (rows only)
save to library Save to your library
delete Delete
other options Other settings

Section controls
Row controls
Module controls

The row has one additional control between duplicate and save to library: the column structure control. This allows you to set or change the column structure of your row. For example you may have set the column structure to 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3. You click the column structure and you can choose from the following: